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  November 16, 2009

Appalachian ghost stories at the Shook House

Halloween visitors to the Shook Museum in Clyde were treated to a special performance by students of the state and screen department of WCU. Students took on the roles of host and story tellers in a special presentation of traditional Appalachian ghost stories found n various collections of Southern Appalachian ghost stories. The stories were told by students "in character" for the evening.

Such classic tales as "the Wreck" which told the eerie story of ghost’s visit to her high school dance thrilled the crowds. Since all of these stories have been documented for generations, there is no doubt that these stories brought back childhood memories for many.

D.V. Caitlyn, assistant professor with the stage and screen department, felt this to be an excellent opportunity for students to put what they are learning into action. It was also an opportunity for the university to reach out to the community, in service to the community. Students participating in the event were: Chris Evans, Desmond Anthony, Jay Raines, Donald Paris, Emily Gill, Alexandra LaBelle, and Jaclyn Helms.

This event was sponsored by the Shook Museum, the Haywood County Arts Council, and the Haywood County Tourism Development Authority.

The Shook House is recognized as the oldest frame structure west of the Blue Ridge. It stands three stories high with a chapel on the third floor. The house is located at the corner of Carolina Boulevard and Morgan Street on the western end of Clyde. The house is open for tours on Saturdays and by appointment. Call 565-0039.