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 Many helped with Shook House

May 13, 2012

To the editor:

Just this week I received confirmation of the final legal transaction of my gift of the Shook-Smathers House to the Haywood Historical/Genealogical Society. 
I have read the article in The Mountaineer and have received several notes of “thanks.”  I would be quite remiss, however, not to thank the many others who made the rescue, renovation and creation of the Shook Museum possible.

• Ray Rhinehart, for 20+ years protector, guardian of the property.
• The late Frances Hart, early secretary, advisor, supporter, volunteer
• The late Bishop Earl G. Hunt, invaluable advisor, supporter.
• The late Ruth Morgan Jones, who offered sage advice and donated many of the Smathers artifacts now in the museum.
• Margaret Ensley, who also offered advice and loaned many artifacts.
• George Thomas and his students from HCC who initiated the difficult task of reclaiming a “wilderness” and helped to start the wonderful landscape it has become.
• Patrick Willis who volunteered as our first curator.
• Jane Mathews, architect, who gave valuable advice and assistance.
• Heartwood Construction, the prime restoration contractor.
• A & B Contractors, builder of Visitor’s Center
• Sara Brown, Sharon Shook, Edie and  Jim Thurman, Gwen Cradle, Pat Caldwell, Louise Harrison, Jewel Beall, Sammie Burris and other volunteer docents.
• Preservation North Carolina and other historians for scholarly research assistance.
• Many family members, for invaluable support, help and encouragement: Frank D. & Kathleen Hall, Dr. & Mrs., Wm.Campbell, Bob C. Smith, Joel Martin, David Conrad.
• Teddie Hathaway, advisor and creator of our web site.

I extend sincere thanks to these and other interested people who assisted me in the preservation of this important part of the history of Western North Carolina.

Joseph Shook Hall
Washington, D.C.