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News coverage was excellent

To the editor:

I wish to commend you on the excellent coverage which appeared in your July 26 edition concerning the Shook Museum. Your account of the ribbon cutting ceremony, arranged by Sara Queen Brown, was rewarding.

I also found your editorial of that date to be gratifying. I would make only two observations: 1. We are still attempting to arrange for a tour bus to make regular stops at the Visitorís Center. We hope to accomplish this soon.

2. Regarding the last paragraph of the editorial ó my offer to partner with the town of Clyde in the use of the Visitorís Center was by no means an acrimonious affair. Rather, it was all very pleasant and cordial. I cannot blame the town for their position. The Clyde Town Hall is a wonderful facility which they feel is adequate at this time. I understand and respect this, but our board would welcome their use of the facility at any time. I feel very honored to be named an honorary citizen of Clyde. Having been born in Asheville and having finished high school there, I feel quite at home in this wonderful town.

Joseph Shook Hall

Honorary Clyde citizen