Newsletter Number Five
November  2005

At The
“The Historic Pride of Clyde”

We bring you another of our occasional NEWSLETTERS.  We wish to welcome many of you who have just recently been added to our mailing list.  If you know of other friends who would like to be included in our mailings, please have them let us know at
ITEM 1: >> Good News !  At long last, our separate Visitor's Center building is now under construction.  The footings have been put in and the plumbing is being installed prior to the installation of the flooring.  This 30 by 40 ft. structure will house a large visitor's center, large restrooms and a storage room for golf cart, garden tools, etc.  We will have water fountains, cold drink machines and eventually we may have a small snack bar and gift shop.  The building will face Morgan Street, like the Museum, and will look like the Museum by use of similar materials, colors, etc.
ITEM 2:>>  A recent visit accomplished several things at the Museum.  Many of our exhibits were rearranged for better viewing; most everything has now been properly labeled.  Many thanks to our Vice Chairman, Frank Hall, many items have been framed and hung on the walls for display.  A wonderful addition to our collection was delivered to the Museum while we were there --- a fine portrait of Sallie and Levi Smathers, the first of the Smathers to own the House.  This was another  gift by Mrs Ruth Morgan Jones, one of the many items she has contributed.  We sincerely thank her.
The Vice Chairman also had made and installed a large box which now contains the quilt made by Mary Smathers Morgan there in the same chamber now called the Quilting Room.  Through its Plexiglas front you may see the enormous amount of work done by these ladies of the Clyde community long ago.
Also framed and now on display are three early pictures of the House, gift by Mrs. Martha Reeves, Grandaughter of Mary Smathers Morgan.  They present a fascinating display of the changes of the House through the span of many years.
The Living Room is devoted to Shook item.  Many of Nora Shook Halls things may be seen in the display cabinet, as well as family photographs, and a bit of furniture.
ITEM 3: >>  A number of guests have toured the House this year, including a large delegation from Junaluska.  We are forever grateful to our group of very fine docents who conduct the tours --- Sara Queen Brown, Sharon Shook, Louise Harrison, Edie and Jim Thurman.  We have had splendid feed-back as to the wonderfully informative tours conducted by these five.  Jim has recently spent much time and effort in identifying the names of the bishops who were guests in the House at a luncheon hosted by Mrs. Morgan.  She is shown with them on the front porch of the House.
ITEM 4: >>  Another valuable volunteer, Prof. George Thomas and students from the Haywood Community College, have been busy this fall trimming trees, planting other trees, shrubs and bulbs.  In addition to donating a number of flowering trees, Board Member Joel N. Martin has also donated hundreds of bulbs --- these wonderful gifts will add much attractive color in the springtime.  We are grateful for these gifts !!
ITEM 5: >>  A Sad Note:  As some of you may know, Mrs. Frances Hart, an early volunteer of the Shook Museum project, has informed us that she can no longer contribute her valuable assistance.  This is an unfortunate loss; however, we do appreciate the wonderful help Mrs. Hart rendered while volunteering.
ITEM 6: >> Through the help of Board Member Ray Rhinehart, we have located a supplier of storm windows appropriate to install on the Shook-Smathers House.  These should arrive shortly and will certainly make the House more comfortable, as well as affording a reduction of the heating bills.