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Newsletter Number One
October 1, 2003

This “first edition” of what I hope will become a regular feature of our Foundation. This Newsletter is being sent to Officers and members of the Board, only. It is expected that later editions will be sent to a much-expanded list.

I was pleased to meet with some of you on the porch of the Shook House on Aug.28th. I distributed to some of you the correspondence I have had with the lawyer who is working with me in the formation of a Foundation. (If you did not get a copy, please contact our Secretary who can get a copy to you.)

Mr. Dye indicates that our first task is to select a permanent name for such a Foundation. The majority of you agree the name should be short and descriptive. The following has been selected:

Shook Museum Foundation at the Shook-Smathers House

“The Historic Pride of Clyde”

We must also list in our application Officers and Board members. I am very pleased that the following have agreed to serve as officers and members of the Board of Directors:

Honorary Chairpersons: Bishop and Mrs. Earl G. Hunt
Chairman: Dr. Joseph Shook Hall
Vice Chairman: Frank D. Hall
Secretary: Mrs. Frances C. Hart
Treasurer: David Conrad

Board of Directors

Dr. & Mrs. William N Campbell
Mrs Kathleen C Hall
Mr Joel N. Martin
Mr. Thompson Mayes, Esq.
Mr. Ray Rhinehart
Mr. Bob C. Smith

You will also note that one of our tasks is to write a brief Mission Statement. Please be thinking of such a Statement which will be submitted to the Board for final adoption. Keep in mind that the Chairman’s original objectives in the purchase of the House are:(1) Making the building as sound and sturdy as possible; (2) create a museum as near like the original periods of construction as possible (circa l795 and 1895); and (3) to put into the House every modern amenity allowed under the protective covenant put on the House by Preservation, NC ( rules by which we must abide).

Progress Report: (Outside) The newer section of the House has been jacked up 8+inches to level it with the original section. The L porch and balcony have also been leveled. The porch and balcony floors have been replaced. All of the white asbestos has been removed from the House. The wood siding underneath is in remarkably good condition. (Inside) Old houses contain many secrets and history. The Shook House is especially rich in both regards. Many fascinating “finds” and features overall landscaping of the property. Much of the rest are being prepared for display. I truly believe that the guided tour of the finished Museum will be of great interest to visitors–and we hope there will be many. (Grounds) I am truly appreciative of the help Prof. George Thomas of Haywood Community College, and his students are prepared to offer to the overall landscaping of the grounds. Much of the 3.6 acres are in need of improvement, so their help is most appreciated. Also historical research is well underway for application to the National Register for Historic Places.

Through periodic Newsletters, we will keep you apprised of the progress toward our “grand opening”.

Joseph S Hall

Biographical Notes:

* Bishop Earl G. Hunt has for many years been an outstanding leader in the United Methodist Church.  Some years ago he was minister of the church to which the Chairman belonged.  Dr. and Mrs. Hunt are now retired.

* Joseph S. Hall and Frank D. Hall, along with another brother who lives in Florida, are sons of Nora Shook Hall, great great Granddaughter of Jacob Shook.

* Mrs.Frances Hart, long-time resident of Lake Junaluska, is a friend and associate of Dr. and Mrs. Hunt.

* David Conrad owns an accounting firm, and is a nephew of the Chair and Vice Chairman.

* Mrs. Kathleen Hall is a decorator, landscaper and conservator of fine furniture.

* Dr. and Mrs. Campbell own a home in Boone, NC.  She is a niece of the Chair and Vice Chairman.

* Thompson M. Mayes is the Assoc. General Council with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  He is a native of North Carolina.

* Mr. Ray Rhinehart has for many years been a guardian and trustee of the Shook house when it was not occupied.

* Both Bob C. Smith and Joel N. Martin have been business partners of the Chairman for many years. Their HMS Associates owns and manages Washington, D.C. real estate.