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Newsletter Number Six
May  2006


Board of Directors

Many Ann Hunt
Peggy Green

Joseph Shook Hall
Frank D. Hall
Vice Chair
Bob C. Smith
David Conrad

Dr. & Mrs. William
Kathleen Hall
Joel N. Martin
Ray Rhinehart
Sharon Shook
George Thomas
Patrick Willis


1. Careful main-
tenance of the
restored House and grounds
2. Open the House to all visitors including school groups – - all who wish to learn about its early history and architecture
3. To create a community center , offering the grounds for events such as festivals, concerts and other civic affairs
4. Open the House for scholarly, historic research.

  Again we bring you one of our occasional Newsletter to inform you of recent developments in the on-going project of the Shook Museum at the Shook-Smathers House in Clyde, N. C.

>> Previously we told you about our Visitor’s Center building. This building is nearing completion and the contractor assures us it will be completed by June 1st. Though not positioned on the property where we originally wanted it, it contains a large space for visitors, two large handicap-equipped restrooms and a large storage area. The architect designed it to look like the Shook House as much as possible. The Center will have a gift shop and snack bar with cold drinks, etc. The tour introduction including a description of the original house will begin in this building.

>> We welcome to our e-mail list the many friends and relatives on Wilma Simpson’s list. We were pleased to be able to attend the Shook-Smathers Family Reunion event which she arranged last month. It was a distinct pleasure to meet and greet so many of you who came from near and far to attend this rewarding affair. Wilma did a fine job in organizing and fund- raising on behalf of the “old home place”. Our many Thanks to Wilma and Wayne Simpson of Olympia, Washington ! !

>> During the past year, our wonderful cadre of volunteer docents have conducted a number of tours of the Museum by appointment. Beginning June 3rd, the Museum will be open for tours every Saturday at 10 AM. Tours will begin in the Visitor’s Center with a brief introduction and continue on through the Museum. Our original group of four volunteer docents has now grown to seven. We are very grateful to Sara Queen Brown, Sharon Shook, Edie and Jim Thurman, and to Louise Harrison. Very recent volunteers are Sammie Burress and Pat Caldwell. Sammie is a nurse and very interested in history; Pat lives in Waynesville and was formerly associated with the Georgia Historical Society. We welcome these new volunteers — they are joining a wonderful group. We are eternally grateful — the Museum could not operate without our wonderful docents ! !

>> Since you received our last Newsletter, the entire property has been cleared of all overgrown vegetation except trees. The sparkling little creek has been revealed and will be incorporated into the overall landscaping plan. Again, the Haywood County Community College is donating invaluable assistance. Professor George Thomas and newly-appointed Instructor Buddy Tignor have assisted their horticultural students in sodding, sewing grass seed, planting ornamental trees, shrubs and bulbs in this on-going and rewarding project.

>> If you have not seen our web site, www.shookmuseum.org, please view it on your computer or that of a friend. We are frequently adding to it. Late postings include pictures of the recent work by the College staff and students, plus a Washington Post news article concerning Francis Asbury.

> During the recent Reunion, both the Chairman and Wilma Simpson appealed to everyone who is interested in the Shook-Smathers House and its Museum to pledge an annual donation for the on-going operation and maintenance of the property. To date, the restoration, and all other expenses have been paid by private funds. Now that the Museum is open for tours, these expenses will have to come from other sources. The Chairman has made a gift of what most of you have seen. It is now your chance to help keep the House open and operating. It is estimated that 100 people donating an average of $300 annually, would provide for the monthly operating expenses, plus funds for occasional painting, roofing, etc. in the future. Keep in mind — the Museum Foundation is a non-profit — all donations are tax deductible. Per its Charter, all funds above operating expenses must be held in reserve for upkeep of this historic property.

>> Since our last Newsletter, several valuable items have been added to the Museum’s growing collection. A wonderful and very unusual original drawing done by artist Andy Bailey now proudly hangs in the entry hall. The drawing was done to accompany fascinating news articles written by Michael Beadle for the Smoky Mountain News. All this can be viewed on our web site. - - - - Another invaluable donation has been made by Ms. Sara Martin of Waynesville in the form of a handsome old pump organ. Though not original to the Shook-Smathers House, it is said to be quite similar to one which once graced the House. This unique piece comes complete with turned posts, music rack and mirror. Ms. Martin says that “you can still play the organ if you can pump fast enough!” - - - - A small pitcher, once belonging to David Shook, was donated to the reunion auction. It was purchased by Darlene Shook who donated it for display in the Museum. - - - These are all very significant donations to the collection and we sincerely thank the three donors for their wonderful contributions.

>> Recently much-needed storm windows and doors have been added to the Museum. The heating bill has been substantially reduced. Also, comfortable chairs have been added for meals and meetings. Benches have been added to the front porch.

>> During the Reunion weekend, a valuable suggestion was made by T. C. Conrad, CPA. Ted strongly urges all persons interested in the Shook House Museum to seriously consider including the Museum Foundation in their wills. He points out that, not only is this a charitable, tax deductible gift, but that it is a wonderful way to donate in memory of a loved one, just as could be the case with an annual pledge. Several of those already making annual pledges have done so in memory of loved ones.

>> We are grateful to so many people for making this project come to reality. Since the purchase of the endangered building, the Chairman has received help from so many who have helped make the Museum what it is today. Our wonderful cadre of volunteer docents; the Town of Clyde; hard-working Vice Chairman Frank D. Hall; former volunteers Frances Hart and Patrick Willis; Prof. George Thomas and the Haywood Community College students; Ray Rhinehart, who is a Board Member, friend and long-time Trustee of this historic property; Ruth Morgan Jones and Martha Reeves {former owners} for priceless Smathers-Morgan artifacts; Margaret Ensley for other artifacts; to Bob C. Smith, major contributor, Board Member and Secretary for tireless and invaluable assistance; Wilma Simpson {see above}. On and on - - - - please let us know in what way you can help.

>> If you know of someone who would like to be added to our e-mailing list, please let us know, mayor.mass@verizon.net.

Please send your tax deductible donations directly to Shook Museum Foundation, P. O. Box 355, Clyde, N. C. 28721.

Joseph Shook Hall

Pump organ donated to the Shook Museum by Sara Martin now located in the Chapel.